Ralston Steel Car Co. - 1930-39


        During the early years of the depression the Ralston Co. didn't have much business and would shut down for long periods of time.  The photo collection picks up again in 1936 with a variety of freight cars for several different railroads. 


200dpi jpg (253K) photo 80

        Pere Marquette automobile box car new October, 1936.


200dpi jpg (247K) photo 86

        This is a standard PRR 50 ton box car.  Since the Pennsylvania Railroad could build their own box cars it is an indication that business is starting to pick up, that they would contract with the Ralston Co. for new box cars.  #81081 was new June, 1936. 

200dpi jpg (197K) photo 95

        Wheeling and Lake Erie 60 ton hopper car new November, 1936.


200dpi jpg (168K) photo 100

        Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad 50 ton gondola car new December, 1936.

200dpi jpg (243K) photo 101

        Another view of C&O gondola car #30032.



200dpi jpg (178K) photo 134

        A 70 ton National Tube Co. (NTX) gondola that was new August, 1937.  The archbar trucks seem a little unusual for a car carrying such a heavy weight.

200dpi jpg (218K) photo 71

        A 50 ton automobile box car for the Nickel Plate Road was new June, 1937.  Automobile box cars as the name implies were used to carry autos, but they were also useful for any large items that wouldn't fit the door of a conventional box car.

200dpi jpg (198K) photo 76

        Another Nickel Plate Road automobile box car from the same order as the previous. 


200dpi jpg (331K) photo 77

        Interior of an automobile box car under construction.


200dpi jpg (221K) photo 130

Southern Railway 40 ton stock car new October, 1938.


200dpi jpg (391K) photo 129

        Interior of the Southern Railway stock car.  The floor was concrete as wood wouldn't have lasted very long under the livestock.